If you’re looking to purchase Grandstream products through online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay it is important to make sure you are purchasing from an Authorized Grandstream Seller. This will ensure that your products are provided by a screened and approved reseller and uphold quality and warranty standards set forth by Grandstream.

Resellers - Click here to download the Grandstream Shield Reseller Agreement

When purchasing through online marketplaces please look for a Grandstream Shield logo on the product listing. This indicates that the product is sold by a Grandstream Authorized Seller and meets our product listing standards. Product warranty and support services are only guaranteed from authorized Grandstream Shield Resellers when purchasing through online marketplaces.

If you would like to further check the validity of a particular Grandstream Authorized Seller please use the Authorized Seller validation tool below. Enter the Reseller ID number in the given space below and click “validate”. (The Reseller ID can be located on the Grandstream Shield logo found on the product listing).

    Grandstream Authorized Online Marketplace Seller Validation:

PLEASE NOTE: This policy only refers to resellers that list Grandstream products through public online marketplaces where many vendors operate to sell a variety of goods, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc.

This DOES NOT apply to resellers selling Grandstream products on their individual company-operated website.